PEOPLink is a non-profit development organization, incorporated in Maryland in 1995 under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Its mission is to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs), that are the main engines of income and employment in most countries, to benefit from the exciting new opportunities offered by global e-commerce.


All of PEOPLink's activities are based on its OpenEntry.com e-commerce platform offering free e-commerce store to artisans and SMEs worldwide all powered by tools on Google's cloud computing technology.


However, in order to generate the visibility and credibility necessary for global e-commerce, business networks (such as chambers of commerce, industry associations, and trade promotion organizations) can use OpenEntry to aggregate their members' individual store into searchable network markets. OpenEntry's many features makes it the most comprehensive e-commerce platform available for networks of SMEs worldwide.


The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (www.witsa.org - "members represent 90% of the world IT market") selected OpenEntry for its 2004 Global IT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity and the United Nations Development Programme conducted an evaluation in Nepal (http://ictdegov.org/e-gov/e-comm/nepal-artisans-exec-summ.pdf) that concluded:

  1. The largest impact of implementing this "pro-poor" e-commerce approach was on income and employment.
  2. Firms using it reported jobs directly attributable to on-line promotion . . . 3918 women.
  3. A relatively inexperienced group of young IT professionals could, with the proper tools, create employment for themselves while providing
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