In order to raise the visibility and credibility of this far reaching initiative, thereby accelerating its dissemination worldwide, is assembling high profile institutions that share our vision of democratizing the benefits of e-commerce via this initiative (including its previous incarnation as CatGen).  To date this consortium includes the following:



  • World Information Technology and Services Alliance ( - "members represent 90% of the world IT market") - Global IT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity and letter stating "with much excitement WITSA agrees to be listed as an official endorser and supporter of PEOPLink's CatGen electronic commerce platform"    >> see letter  


  • The US Council on International Business (  - "combined annual revenue of USCIB's 300+ members exceeds $3.5 trillion") letter stating "fully endorse your vision of making CatGen more broadly available, and we will seek to facilitate this through our overseas business networks and partners"  >> see letter


  •  endorsement citing its "relevance and complementarity at promoting quality crafts from developing countries on the global market and the Internet supporting the development of small craft enterprises to master these marketing opportunities without intermediaries"  >>see letter  


  • Global Information Infrastructure Commission ( - "The CatGen platform is deserving of the support of a consortium of public, private and nongovernmental organizations that concern themselves with bringing the promises of advanced ICT capabilities to all citizens of the world" >>see letter
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