Fundraising for Your Club, Church, or Favorite Charity


PEOPLink has helped many grass roots artisan groups create their own OpenEntry store as well as develop the mechanisms for receiving credit card payment and handling the logistics of international shipping.  This enables them to sell directly to buyers all over the world, thereby  by-passing several middlemen links in the commercial chain that normally pay them 7 - 9% of the final retail price.  Even taking into account the costs of administration and shipping, the artisans will still receive a much higher proportion of the final retail price. 


However, they still need your help in generating visibility, credibility, and trust.   You can help by alerting your networks of family and friends (via email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter) that they can purchase directly from these artisan groups through the marketplaces below.  At the same time,you can also generate funds for your club, church, or favorite charity!


Moreover, this presents a "win-win" opportunity for any non-profit to receive a commission of 10% of the value of retail orders referred to the following global marketplaces:

  • Unique retail non-profit global market features items identified by the talented artisan who created them
  • - (under construction) Retail sales of crafts from women managed or owned producer groups around the world

Because PEOPLink knows the participating artisan groups well, it is happy to guarantee the transactions so that both buyers and referrers can be confident that they will receive their purchases and commissions. 


All you have to do is include a link on your e-mail, web page, blog, or Facebook/Twitter post structured as follows:

where the ID of the non-profit to receive the commission is indicated in  green  (in this example the Guatemala Human Rights Commission).


The message could read something like:

Hello Friends, I've found a great way to help fair trade artisans all over the world while raising funds for the good folks at the Guatemala Human Rights Commission ( ).  All you have to do is click on this link below and 10% of any purchase you make from these grass roots artisan groups will go to GHRC!!


PEOPLink has already set up accounts for the following non-profit organizations:

You can also register a free account for your favorite club, church, or charity by writing to Surendra Shahi, our User Support Manager, at .  If you have any other questions about this program, Surendra will be happy to answer them.
This truly is one of those classic "win-win" situations where PEOPLink's technology enables you to use your network of relationships to benefit grass roots artisans and your favorite charity at the same time!!
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