Donations and Volunteer Opportunities


PEOPLink is a non-profit organization incorporated under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and therefore donations are fully tax deductible.  Donations can be mailed to our address (11112 Midvale Rd, Kensington MD 20895) or can be made on-line by on the link below.


PEOPLink is open to volunteering from like-minded individuals and organizations that share the mission of empowering grass roots producers in developing countries via the two most powerful economic forces of today - global trade and the Internet.   Many of our Volunteer Opportunities can be managed on-line, part time.

  1. Contact non-profits (churches, clubs, girl/boy scouts, and schools) to let them know about educational fundraising opportunities from referring their members to grass roots producers' sites (see Fundraise)
  2. Contact local gift-store retailers by phone or email and let them know know that they can source their items directly at wholesale prices from certified fair trade on  WFTOMarket.com
  3. Help our overworked staff with programming, graphic design, grant writing, and translations - e-mail at sshahi@openentry.com
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